Montag, 8. Mai 2017

R.I.P Milind Ashok Chavare

Snehalaya verlor gestern einen guten Freund und Mitglied
Milind Ashok Chavare war Mitbegründer von Snehalaya und viele Jahre hielt er  Girish Kulkarni die

Shirdi Water Park-'Wet and Joy'.

Let this short film speak for its self but a great time was had by the kids and staff at Shirdi Water Park-'Wet and Joy'.
With special thanks to Palma Acosta AlvarezIzzy Tickel and family and Androulla, Robert, Charlie and Nathan Bird.
This was organised beautifuly as ever by Vaijnath Lohar
Thanks to you all for bringing such joy to the Snehalaya Family.
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Cara -Central Adoption

Nach der Adoption von Santvana aus Snehalaya ist es für viele Menschen auf der Welt auch interessant  zu erfahren,wie läuft so eine Adoption ab.Was mache und wie kann ich es machen.
Gerne ist Jasmin aus Amerika dazu bereit Auskunft zugeben.
Mittlerweile hat sich Santvana prächtig rausgemacht.Sie ist bald nicht wieder zu erkennen.
Auch hat sie jetzt ihr amerikanisches Zertifikat bekommen.
Lesen Sie auch hier auf der Cara Facebook Seite über Jasmin und Santvana,sowie die anderen 3 Kinder.
Sie möchten Kontakt zu Jasmin aufbauen für Fragen?
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Santvana sustained third and fourth degree burn injuries in an accident in 2014 where also her entire family died. This is one of the stories touching heart and speaks volumes that we can make more efforts to place children having special needs in adoption.
"She has extensive burns, and needs now regular therapy and surgeries. Her doctor is Dr. Gulati who is the director of the burn center at Plano Medical City hospital. Thanks God he speaks Hindi, he is so nice and Santvana liked him!
Right now, we are focusing on her left arm and hand. The burns destroyed muscle tissue and are down to the bone. Fortunately, Dr. Gulati has operated on contractures before, and even wrote a scientific paper on the topic, so he is definitely a great expert.
Once more, thank you for seeing us in New Delhi, and thank CARA for the new regulations. Under the regulations before August 2015, I was not eligible to adopt due to my age (I am now 54) but the new regulations have made this adoption possible. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. My daughter Santvana was waiting for a long time on CARINGS and now she is a in good home and has a promising future ahead of her. She wants to be a doctor, and I'll do anything I can to fulfil that dream!" (By a happy parent)